About the blog

This blog follows me as I navigate being a single mom who is very active in her sons life and in her community. It is a place to discuss and share tips, ideas, and stories that demonstrate or inspire taking action with our kids. This can be anything from an experience or idea that offers a great perspective, volunteering, or caring for the earth- from everyday things like visiting a farmers market to DIY projects and planting a garden- anything that lends to broadening perspectives, inspiring, and caring for the world around us. As a parent, relative, friend, and role model we shape kids lives- and if we inspire them with our involvement in things like ecology, creativity, and giving back to the community we can make the world a better place together. Jamie and the Beanstalk is a place where ideas can be exchanged- ways that we are involved in the lives of kids and ways that we can inspire each other as I see it from my vantage point as a single mom. I insist that it be a positive place, as that is what I strive for in my life.