Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."
-Abigail Adams-

That pic right there is a small peek into my future. It is the postage receipt for my application to the Master's program at U of A- the School of Information Resources and Library Science. I received a confirmation e-mail today: my application is complete and has been sent to the admissions review board. The review can take up to three weeks. Fingers crossed.

For now I will tell you- I want to be a librarian.

Sometime in the next three weeks I will tell you (power of positive thinking)-
I am studying to be a librarian.

And in two years I will tell you- I am a librarian.

I am reserving the last statement for when I get a job as a librarian- not for after I finish my Master's degree- because when I make that statement, it will be followed by me telling you how much I love my job. And yes, I know it will be challenging to find a job in this economy and in a digital world- but that job is out there and I am going to get it. I am- just you wait and see.

For now, while the admissions board at U of A decides my fate, I am on the hunt for scholarship money. Over the last few months I have been agonizing over how to pay for graduate school, and whether or not I could afford it. Do I really want that kind of a student loan looming over me? In this economy?
Finally the question changed to, do I really want to let money stand in the way of something I know will be the perfect career for me? The career that will show my son that hard work pays off and exemplify to him that loving what you do makes all the difference?

Eh, what's a few thousand dollars debt in the face of those questions? Gulp...

Really what it comes down to is this- am I going to let money stand in the way of my dreams, or am I am going to work around it and make it happen?

I am going to make it happen.

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