Friday, July 30, 2010

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday is getting a late start today due to computer issues, but here it is:

You know the rules 5 - - 7 - - 5

Today’s subject: rainy day schedule

the seamless grey clouds
try to contain the days sun
but it will peek through

But… I wrote that haiku this morning, while it was still cloudy here in Glendale, and guess what? The sun did peek through and the rain is no more- so maybe one more haiku for the day:

New subject: peeking

excited glances
in shy anticipation
can’t contain the smiles

So grab on to the subject and join in- happy Friday!


  1. Beacause I love you Jamie... Here is mine:

    Baby Girl Adison
    can't wait for an ultrasound
    love to have a peek

  2. Monica, I really like your haiku, such a cute image. Jamie, it looks like you could do a nice series of them.

  3. Thanks Alisha!
    I want 'Haiku Friday' to be fun and relaxing- something where we can all contribute and take a moment to create a little something- whatever it takes to put a smile on your face because I always smile when I am writing a haiku!
    Thanks for the haiku Monica!

  4. Since I was out last Friday and "missed" the deadline I will contribute to both topics.

    Topic: Rainy Day Schedule
    Title: Are you kidding me?

    Children love the rain,
    keep that mud out of my class
    Teachers loathe it so

    Topic: Peeking
    Title: Were off to see the wizard...

    Anxiously searching,
    trying to find some meaning
    pull back that curtain