Monday, July 26, 2010


I come from a family of 'Thank You' note enthusiasts. If my grandmother gives you a gift, and you do not reply Emily Post style within a certain number of days you are in trouble. Nobody wants their Grandmother to think them rude, right? I appreciate this influence on manners in my life, but I want to put my own twist on it.
This weekend as my son and I labored over the 'Thank You' notes for his recent birthday I started thinking. My goal everyday is to come up with some new way to reduce, reuse, or recycle. So as we mailed out our notes I had visions of them in recycle bins around the city, or gasp, a worse fate- in the dreaded garbage. We were too late this year- the thank you notes have all been sent out. But for future needs- what can we do to say thanks in a more effective and more efficient way?
Instinctually, a face to face thank you (if possible) is the answer right? That just isn’t quite as far outside of the box as I would like. I want to say hey, I am thankful but I also want to be creative and send a message here (to my son as well as the recipients of our thanks). I thought, you know, why can't I just give each one of them a peach (or insert local and in-season fruit or yummy treat here_______)? A peach is sunny, happy and delicious- it can be a token of our thanks as well as a wish for good health. Hand deliver a peach, say thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, please enjoy. (Incidentally, my son thinks this is both hilarious and awesome). But some of our relatives live in California and Oregon, which makes it a bit hard to hand deliver the peaches. So we decided to take pictures of ourselves enjoying whatever gift was given and write our thanks on the back (because Grandma is not going to throw away a picture).
So we missed the boat this year- but just to experiment with the effectiveness of our idea, we are going to practice random acts of peachness. We have decided to randomly hand out peaches to our loved ones, thanking them for being awesome. I will keep you posted on the outcome.
You may wonder why I started this blog with thank you peaches. I wondered too, but I thought it carried a good lesson. If my post brings a peachy smile to your face, then that is awesome. If it makes you think of a more earth friendly approach to etiquette, life, or just today- well that's awesome too.

Ok, so- things to look for in the days to come:

· My first punk rock DIY project: displaying the kids art

· Haiku Friday starts this week- stop by to join in!

So in anticipation for that, and to end my very first post, a haiku- just for you:

peaches are the way
I have chosen to give thanks
And also hello


  1. That's just peachy! And a great way to show affection without having to create another "thing"! Great!

  2. I like your creative solution, definitely more interesting than a card.